A shroud of secrecy has been lifted as the activities of a previously unknown local gathering has been caught on film, leaving residents both intrigued and concerned about their clandestine practices. The emergence of this enigmatic group has sparked a flurry of discussions, raising questions about their beliefs, intentions, and impact on the community. The video was taken Tuesday last week as a local farmer was woken up by a large fire on the plot of land across from him. He is said to have seen a massive bonfire and many figures all dressed in white with intricate patterns on their robes wearing animal masks!?? He immediately ran for his camera capturing this blurry shot of the event.

The group is rumoured to have e been operating covertly within our community for an extended period. Their activities, rituals, and ideologies were brought to light with this photo.

News of the cult's presence has ignited concern among community members who fear the potential influence on vulnerable individuals and the impact on the social fabric of the town. Local authorities have stated the there is no evidence to prove the actions of a cult are at play and that when the property was investigate there were no sings of a bon fire, and continue to "ensure" the safety and well-being of all residents. As publishe on their web page at

Since the police have done nothing about the matter I have taken it upon myself to go and investigate the sight with a few friends we will be leaving on the 8th of June to go investigate.

Wish me luck :)