Patchqork's web page !!!

Thank you for visiting my web page !!!


New art page !!!!!!! And it works on mobile !!!! You can click on the images to expand them


New favorite character at the selfship webring !!! I am currently working on updating my about page and making a new art page


New layout for 2024 !!! I felt like the old one wasnt very me and it wasn very lacking... Im happy with this one now


this page is very much NOT made for mobile... So its best viewed on pc, ofc. In the future i want to add a mobile version too, like i did with my about page, which i also want to remake from zero now ...

On my to-do list is also my oc page that ive been (very slowly) working on...


Name: Chel

Age: 19

i like the internet a lot

The current mood of patchqork at