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A bit about ghosts, demons and the super natural!

Before we begin its important to note some general facts and definitions to get you up to speed about all the spooky lingo!


A ghost is a supernatural entity or spirit that is believed to be the disembodied essence or soul of a deceased person.


Demons are supernatural beings often depicted as malevolent entities or evil spirits in various religious, mythological, and occult traditions. The concept of demons varies across different cultures and belief systems, but there are some common characteristics associated with them.The belief in demons and their powers has been prevalent in cultures worldwide throughout history. Various religious texts, such as the Bible, the Quran, and ancient mythologies, mention demons or malevolent supernatural entities. They are often depicted as creatures with grotesque or monstrous appearances, possessing supernatural abilities and the ability to influence human thoughts, emotions, and actions.In occult and esoteric practices, demons are sometimes seen as entities that can be summoned, controlled, or invoked for specific purposes. These beliefs and practices are typically associated with rituals, and spiritualism.

How are ghosts and demons different?

- Origin and Nature -

Ghosts are generally believed to be the spirits or souls of deceased individuals. They are often associated with human beings who have passed away and may be linked to specific locations or people. Demons, on the other hand, are often depicted as malevolent entities that exist independently of human souls. They are typically seen as supernatural beings with their own agenda and are not directly tied to deceased individuals.

- Intention and Behaviour -

Ghosts are commonly associated with a variety of behaviours, ranging from benign or mischievous to potentially helpful or even frightening. They may be connected to unresolved issues or emotions from their previous lives, and their actions are often thought to be linked to their past experiences or attachments. In contrast, demons are typically portrayed as inherently malevolent or evil. They are believed to actively seek to cause harm, temptation, and chaos. Demons are Pure evil and are not to be treated lightly they can be extremely dangerous(so leave the demon hunting up to the professionals ;) ) .

- Hauntings -

Ghosts are commonly associated with haunting, which refers to their presence or activities in a specific location. Hauntings can involve a wide range of phenomena, including strange sounds, unexplained movements, objects being displaced, or the feeling of being watched or touched.

- Exorcisms -

Exorcisms are ritualistic practices performed in certain religious or spiritual traditions with the aim of expelling or driving out perceived evil or demonic entities, often from individuals who are believed to be possessed or influenced by such entities. The term "exorcism" is derived from the Latin word "exorcismus," meaning to adjure or drive out by oath.